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Psychotherapy is a way to find a light in the darkness. Over time, psychotherapy can help you to turn “ghosts” into ancestors. Psychotherapy provides the space and opportunity for you to take an intimate and interesting journey into yourself and into the mystery and meaning of life.

Many people decide to use psychotherapy during transitions in their life. Everything changes -- whether we like it or not! In our hectic world, we don’t often allow ourselves time to acknowledge and deal with the emotional and spiritual toll of our challenges, changes, and losses. If we allow time for introspection, we can grow and learn through our changes.

Psychotherapy can be used in the service of personal growth; that is, learning more about yourself and how to increase the meaning and satisfaction in your life.

Psychotherapy can be useful if you are struggling with decisions about life choices; i.e., career, relationships, marital stress, divorce, re-marriage, blending families, dealing with age-related challenges and changes, medical crises and chronic or life-threatening illnesses in yourself or those you love.

Whether you wish to pursue psychotherapy for personal growth, or in times of personal crisis, these steps may be helpful:

1. Call and interview several professionals before choosing one.

2. Be sure to ask the professionals questions that concern you about the process of therapy in general and how therapy proceeds with them in particular.

3. The key to a successful outcome in therapy is finding a professional with whom you can have a safe relationship, in order to be open and honest about any and all of your concerns and wishes. Safety is key, since therapy often involves the discussion of very intimate, important, and stressful subjects.

4. If you don't know how to find professionals to call, ask a trusted friend who has been through therapy or call your county psychological association's information and referral services number (usually listed in the Yellow Pages of your local phone book or online). The Santa Clara County Psychological Association can be accessed at

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