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I specialize in helping individuals, families, adults, children and adolescents with various concerns that arise throughout the life span. I am specially trained in helping stepfamilies become a well-functioning team. I have many years of experience working with adolescents in transition. I have special interest and training in working with people facing chronic and terminal illnesses and families dealing with end-of-life issues for loved ones. In certain circumstances, I utilize pet-assisted therapy. I treat clients with issues related to depression, anxiety, loss, grief, and early trauma.

I usually meet with clients for 45 minutes to one hour, once or twice a week. Our first session includes a diagnostic evaluation where you will be encouraged to describe your initial concerns, your history of these concerns and all relevant information. I will ask questions designed to get to know you better and to create a safe space for our work together. In subsequent sessions, we will work together to build our trusting relationship, examine your concerns more fully, plan a strategy for reaching your treatment goals, and achieve a meaningful outcome for you.

Fees and Payment Options

Information available upon request.

A Useful Resource

Resources for Caregiving

Dr. Ken Pope has created this web page to provide resources for people who are caring for others. The resources on this page are intended to help both caregivers and the clinicians who work with them to find information, support, and other resources. Also, on the left margin of this web page you will notice resources Dr. Pope has compiled for many additional psychological and medical issues. Dr. Pope’s web site is constantly updated and presents a wealth of important information.